About Us

CASANITA is a container of emotions.
The home - - from which we set out to spend our lives traveling.
The travels that taught us how to live. That introduced us to: the Punk counterculture of King's road; the avant-garde suburbs of New York, where joy, colour and excess were the norm; the contagious madness of Shibuya; the everlasting 70's in LA and the peace and precision of Scandinavian Europe.
In the end, it's the home we came back to.
CASANITA is the container that houses our values and experiences, a home, but also a person: ANITA, heroin of two worlds, the companion of Garibaldi, a warrior and a lady at the same time, our ideal woman.
CASANITA is a dialogue between people and objects; it exists in the desire to overcome barriers and in the ability to read the present.
CASANITA combines the versatility and practicality of streetwear garments (intrinsically linked to their function) with the style and elegance of high-end made in Italy fashion.
CASANITA creates clothing and accessories designed for real people who face the everyday challenges of time constraints, a desire to be unique and the necessity to adapt to continually changing situations.